Scorpion Pepper Hot sauce.  XXX Hot

                                                                         ​Ingredients; Moruga Trinidad Scorpion chile peppers, Red Habanero and Naga Jolokia chile peppers, vinegar, Scotch whiskey, salt.

All-Natural, Gluten free

Super Hot Garden Salsa ​               XXX HOT

Ingredients; Tomatoes, green chiles, corn, onion, garlic, vinegar, Carolina Reaper chile, Ghost chile, Serrano chile, Habanero, & Chipotle chiles, lime, salt, molasses, spices & sugar.

Technically not a sauce. For some, more than a sauce. But for most... an ingredient for making sauce. Our Aged Carolina Reaper Mash has its own distinct delicious flavor. NO vinegar. Use it in soups, chili or sauces. Make your own ZomBee wings or burgers. Ultimately its the Hottest thing you can get in a jar...Naturally...without extract.     Get Stung ! 

Ingredients; Carolina Reaper peppers, Salt, Citric acid    


 The worlds hottest chiles are embedded into our gourmet flavored hard candy. Perfect for raising spirits, energy boosts,   increased blood circulation and  helps build tolerance! Not all superhot chiles are the same, some make you sweat, some give energy     while others can wipe you out or make you see trails. For those who know.....Welcome to the Saloon.

            GET STUNG!

4 oz chile powders (4 oz)

Welcome to the Stung-Tongue Saloon!

We offer Top Quality Extreme Spices, 

Tasty Chile-head Treats, Hot Sauces and More! 

  Your Prescription for an Endorphin Rush starts NOW!

sriracha peanuts
3,4 or 6 candy combo

Dried Chile Peppers

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Casa Verde Hot sauce The Ultimate table Hot sauce. 7/10       Dont let the limited ingredients fool you. This sauce delivers an explosion of flavor with a good amount of STING!

                                                                         ​ Ingredients; Habanero & Serrano chiles, garlic, vinegar, lime, salt.

Two pod sample packs

Ship up to THREE bags for $3   OR   (0.2 lb ship weight each)

Carolina Reaper Hot sauce.   XXX Hot   Simple ingredients, complex flavor. A must try Sauce!

                                                                         ​Ingredients; Carolina Reaper & Habanero chiles, vinegar, molasses & salt. 

 Super Hot Chile Powders

Just Sugar, Butter, salt and habanero chile come together to form a crunchy, irresistible, sweet and spicy snack. Although NOT ZomBee Hot, theres enough  heat to sting.

0.6 ship wt.  ($3)


sriracha sunflower seeds
Casa Verde Hot Sauce

Not your average sunflower seeds. If you love our Hot sriracha peanuts you will love this more versatile snack. use as a salad topper, add to trail mix or enjoy by itself.

Powders, flakes and fully ripened dried pods           

1/2oz chile powders (1/2 oz)
spicy toffee peanuts

HOT Garden Salsa              

Ingredients; Tomatoes, green chiles, corn, onion, garlic, vinegar, Serrano, Chipotle & Habanero chiles, lime, salt, spices & sugar.

                                                           Heat; 8/10 

COMBO powder packs (1/2 Oz. per pack)
Carolina Reaper MASH

All-Natural, Gluten free

Spicy bar mix

3, 4 and 6 Pack Specials



          COMBO PACKS


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3.01              5.00       $10.00
5.01             and up    $12.00

For The Corn Nut connoisseur ! These premium grade, medium sized, crunchy spanish corn nuts have been stung by the ZomBEE! Popping with our crunchy baked in Hot Sriracha flavor you love!    Get Stung!        


All-Natural, Gluten free

Sriracha Peanuts are here! Deliciously tasty and extremely HOT. These peanuts have a super spicy baked on coating made from our ZomBee Sriracha seasoning.   

HOT Garden Salsa

The Challenge that started it all.  The Original "worlds hottest chile pops". 

Organic whole Chile Pods

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

A tasty "sort-of-spicy" Bar mix. Our hot sriracha peanuts are added for that stinging roulette of spice.  Each hand-full is sure to get you stung. Just make sure you share! 

All-Natural, Gluten free

All-Natural, Gluten free

All-Natural, Gluten free

Scorpion pepper Hot Sauce
Super Hot Garden Salsa

Single packs  

Shipping Rates:

From(Lbs)   To(Lbs)   Rate(USD)
0.01              0.74       $3.00
0.75              2.00       $6.00
2.01              3.00       $8.00
3.01              5.00       $10.00
5.01             and up    $12.00

Stung-Tongue Candy

Gourmet spicy hard candies are made with the worlds HOTTEST and tastiest Chiles on Earth!   

                          Ingredients; Raw unrefined Non-GMO Organic sugar, Worlds hottest chiles,                                                                     All Natural flavoring and organic coconut oil